Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28

Debbie's second ebay venture has proved another roaring success. Well done Debbie!

She has sold two cocktail dresses - one that she designed herself and another by Karen Millen. Let's start with the Karen Millen dress.

In the ebay listing for this dress Debbie described it as a "stunning dress" and "a real eye-catcher." She also says "worn by Debbie McGee on the final night of Celebrity X Factor 2006 and only worn once since then."

That must have been a strange sentence for Debbie to write as it involves referring to herself in the third person but Debbie clearly understands that celebrity sells and if writing about herself as if it's someone else writing helps to screw another couple of quid out of a bidder well then that's what any quality ebayer would do. Well done Debbie. Brave.

The dress is a petite size 8 so there can't be that many ladies out there who would fit into it and I doubt there is anyone who would fill it as glamorously as Debbie but she does try to broaden its appeal by mentioning in the listing that it "could be worn to a wedding."

It certainly seems to have done the trick as there was some furious bidding. Debbie had an asking price of £30. 1978linzi started the bidding with a £35 offer that janew3278 cheekily tried to pip with just £35.75. Not so fast janew3278, here comes spoh2910 with £40. The next bid cam from someone with an obvious interest. They specialise in selling Karen Millen clothes on ebay so no doubt they were keen to snap up this item and see if they could turn a profit. kmillenclothes bid £46 but that was then pushed to £51 before just_simply_divine squeezed in a bid of £51.88. kmillenclothes was having none of it and upped the bid to £56. cdsman1969 then joined the fray with an initial bid of £62.50 which was then pushed to £72.90. o_hara_s then got his/her nose in front with bid of £75 which was then pushed out to £79 but it wasn't quite enough and pam2975 stepped up to the plate and won the dress with a bid of £81. The postage costs came to just £5. Well done pam2975 but also well done Debbie!

The other dress is in a similar champagne colour. Debbie employed the same tactic of writing about herself saying, "Not many people realise that Debbie McGee designs many of her own dresses and then has them hand made. This item is such a creation." She also went on to say that it was "lace over soft silk and extremely attractive."

I would have thought that a dress designed by Debbie herself would be more attractive a proposition than a Karen Millen dress but I am obviously in a minority here. There wasn't the same bidding war this time round. There was however one bid from fluffywigglepigs who offered the asking price of £25 (plus £5 p+p) to snap up a great bargain. Well done fluffywigglepigs.

So there you go, Debbie is having a very good ebay experience. I am sure that fluffywigglepigs and pam2975 will enjoy their new cocktail dresses and I am sure Debbie will enjoy the £106 she has made out of the sale. As her husband Paul would say, "Not a lot!"

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